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Jake Wee's Essay
Monday, March 23, 2009

I was at home completing my dreaded Math homework. My mind was not concentrating on the homework. I could still hear the echo of the shooting of the guns and the clashing of the swords. I was thinking about the brand new game my friend had bought. Just thinking about the game distracted me and I could not finish my homework. I thought about stealing it from my friend, but it was just too risky. I decided to get a cup of lemonade to relax myself. As I walked to the kitchen, a brown object caught my attention.

I looked around me to see if anyone was watching me. Mother was cooking food for dinner and the domestic helper was ironing the clothes. It was now or never. My hand reached out to grab the wallet from the dressing table. I could feel the leathery skin of the wallet. My heart palpitated rapidly and my hands produced more sweat than ever. I looked around again to see if anyone was watching me. The fragrant aroma of fish floated to my nose. Mum was still cooking. I still had time. I opened the wallet and before my eyes were wads of different amount of money bulging out of the wallet. Before I knew it, I had at least ten fifty-dollar notes in my hand. I stuffed them into my pocket and walked out briskly as if nothing had taken place. I asked my mum if I was allowed to go out for awhile.

“Be quick, don’t be late for dinner,” she shouted at me as I walked out of the house.

When I reached the stall, I grabbed the game. I paid the shopkeeper the money and rushed out of the shop. Upon reaching home, I saw my father’s shoes outside the house.

“He must be back,” I thought.

After opening the door, I was shocked to see both my parents staring angrily at me. I was in hot soup. I knew it. They must have found out.

“How could you not tell us you failed the test!” I heaved a sigh of relief. They reprimanded me non-stop.

“What’s that plastic bag you’re holding?” I was shocked. She had asked the question so suddenly that I could not answer. It took me awhile before I could calmly say, “I…..it’s a drink I bought.” As I staggered back into my room, I tripped over the toy truck that my brother was playing with earlier in the afternoon. The game flew out and landed directly in front of my parents. They picked up the game in disbelief.

I was caned and a few stripes later, I heard my mum say in an unusually soft voice, “We wanted to buy you this after your PSLE.” I must have broken her heart into pieces by my single foolish act. I felt so ashamed of myself and even more upset after hearing my mum’s good intention. I stood in the living room reflecting on what I had done.

9:30 AM