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Jeromy's Essay
Monday, March 23, 2009

I found myself repeating the question. Should I or should I not? It was the latest Miley Cyrus CD.

" Come on, just take it, before we get caught, " whispered Jared.

I knew that if I took it, I may have to face the music. But on the other hand, if I did not take it, Jared and the rest would not be my friends anymore. The dilemma was driving me out of my mind. Turning to the left, I saw Jared and the rest waiting impatiently for me to take the disc. When I looked right, I saw the cashier, giving me a suspicious look. It made my heart beat like a war drum. The look in Miley Cyrus's eyse made me forget about the risk I was taking. The sample music playing over the air started to fade. I felt like darkness had engulfed the entire area and I was alone with the disc. I tasted the cold sweat flowing down my face. Down to the neck it went and without hesitation, I grabbed the disc feeling the hard cold plastic that covered the 'greatest' disc known to mankind. Abruptly, I slipped it into my pocket. Walking off with the disc resting in my pocket, I suddenly remembered the musings that haunted me right from the start. I directed my attention towards the cashier who seemed to miss the whole incident, or did she?

" Let's get out now! Before bad things happen! " Jared hissed.

As I dashed off towards the exit, my face smashed into something. To my horror, I had been caught by the police. I stared in muted horror at the policeman.

" He was the one who stole it! " cried Jared, pointing straight at me.

The policeman released Jared and the rest and walked sternly towards me. Jared tidied his shirt, winked at me and ran off. I had been blackmailed! I felt betrayed. How could he do this to me? I thought we were friends. I was on a roller coaster ride of emotions, I felt furious and yet blue. The onlookers in the store stared, clueless. The police checked my pockets and found the stolen CD. At that point of time, I felt like it was the end of the world, I imagined all the consequences of the shame I brought upon myself, and my family.

" What is he going to do to me? Would I be sent to a boy's home? " I wondered in fear. The police called my parents and related the incident to them. After whips from the cane and reprimandings from my parents, I turned over a new leaf. From then on, I decided to choose my friends wisely, and I ceased to succumb to peer pressure.

9:32 AM