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Lokkesh's Essay
Monday, March 23, 2009

The cruel sun baked the ground dry. My lips cracked and my throat felt sore. My legs were aching. I walked across a shop which was near my house.

“Hey, there’s a new music CD shop! Let’s have a look”, my friend Paul said.

Paul, Tom and I walked towards the shop. It had a big sign that read “Come in and buy the latest release of CD’s!”. When we entered the shop, there was a booming song playing. The three of us looked around the shop. It looked smaller from the outside. I saw a CD of my favourite artiste. I gleamed in shock and happiness but my heart sank when I saw the price tag. My wallet was empty and my parents would never let me buy it. I turned to my friends dissappointed. Then, I froze. I turned pale.

Paul grabbed two CDs and in a quick move, shoved them in his bag. My heart skipped a beat as I stood there in shock. Questions flooded my head. “What are you doing?” was the first question I could blurt out.

“Hey don’t tell anyone! Let’s just take a couple of CDs and scram. No one will notice. Isn’t that your favourite CD you always wanted? Take it!” Tom urged.

I swallowed hard. I knew I was not the type to steal. I stared hard at the CD. My hard beady eyes examined it. “Should I or should I not?”. I was in two minds. My sweaty palm reached for the CD. I grabbed it and felt the smoothness of it as I slid it into my pocket. If my friends could do it, so could I. I did not want to look bad among them and I really wanted the CD. We walked to the door and as we stepped out, I heard a shrill ringing sound. We dashed as fast as our legs could carry us. We heard shouts. I swivelled round to see burly sercurity guards chasing us.

They reached me and slammed me to the ground. The day was getting bad faster than a dead fish out in the sun. Everything was blur, then black. When I came to, I realised I was in my parents’ car. I saw a policeman talking to Paul and Tom sternly outside the shop. I was badly hurt from the fall. I was not jailed or fined or anything like that but I was banned from the shop. My parents grounded me and caned me until I could not sit down for a week. I learnt my lesson about stealing. If I had been older by six years or so, I would have been jailed. I sure was lucky.

9:38 AM